5 Educational Video Examples That Will Delight Your Prospects

Have you ever wanted to find out what the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Or find out if bees have knees? Well, look no further, because the internet has your back! Nowadays, if we want to find something out, the answer is only a few clicks away, in the form of a blog, a video or a funny infographic. That’s the primary purpose of the internet – to share information and to learn. After all, man is a very curious animal. And this is a fantastic thing for businesses, because your leads are searching right now for answers to their questions, and if you can provide them with the information they need, they won’t forget it. Truly helpful and educational content is still one of the best ways to form a connection with your target audience and build trust in your brand, so that when they do need your services, they don’t look anywhere else. A great way to do this is with short educational videos, which can be shared all around the web to give your prospects the information they need.



What Makes A Great Educational Video?


But first, what is it that makes an educational video successful? And what exactly is so amazing about the 5 example videos we’ve chosen to show you below? Well, a truly great educational video will:



Answer The Audience’s Question: When your audience is looking for information, they don’t want to wade through a bunch of sales spiel to find it. Instead, it’s your job to be up front and give them that information. This is your chance to provide prospects with no-strings attached advice and answers when they are directly asking to be helped.



Build Trust In Your Brand Authority: Educational videos help to position your brand as an authority – a source of free, useful knowledge and a reliable name to back it up. You’re teaching, not selling, and that’s what makes prospects trust you.



Take The Pain Out Of A Complex Topic: Even if they cover a difficult topic, a great educational video should never feel too complicated. Instead, it should be clear and accessible, and leave the viewer feeling enlightened and a bit more confident about the topic.



Encourages Viewers To Find Out More: Once you’ve taught a prospect something new, they will start to wonder what else you can teach them. Your educational videos should serve to catch your audience’s interest and curiosity, and drive them further down your pipeline.



Can Work Anywhere In The Marketing Funnel: Although videos tend to work best at the beginning of the marketing funnel, when your prospects are first educating themselves about your services, a great educational video is infinitely flexible. This means they could be used anywhere along the line with ease.



4 Genuinely Helpful Educational Video Examples


Hootsuite: How To Run Your First Facebook Live


As a business owner, you also need to be a marketer, and marketers need to know how to do a million things. Hootsuite understand their target audience inside out, and created a series of these snappy social videos to give them the confidence they need to conquer the marketing world.  This particular video is more of an aspirational ‘hot to’ video, which simplifies a lot of Hootsuite’s processes and gives information in small, digestible chunks. It’s short, upbeat, fast-moving and easy to follow. And what’s better, it doesn’t even mention what Hootsuite does! Bar a link and call to action at the end, it’s entirely focussed on giving information.



Lenovo: Create A Custom T-Shirt With Amy Tangerine


A quick and effective educational video that’s also a great example of open influencer marketing. In this video, Lenovo have created a more traditional tutorial that leans on the expertise of their favoured celebrity influencer. Its purpose is to show creatives what they can do with the help of Lenovo’s tech, but it doesn’t feel like that. Instead it feels like a nice simple tutorial in a cheery workshop setting, using a useful tool and simply informing viewers about what it can do.





HubSpot: How To Use Instagram Stories For Business


HubSpot are the kings of producing clean, polished educational videos, complete with friendly presenters and useful clips showing you exactly what you need to do, and why. It was actually quite difficult to pick just one video from them, but we went with this one. Probably the most effective part of all HubSpot’s vast educational video catalogue is the way it puts a trustworthy face on a huge, multi-faceted brand. Even if you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of HubSpot, it’s hard not to feel connected to this warm human being giving you useful advice in such a confident manner. They then take all of this information and split it into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest.




Backlinko: How To Rank #1 In YouTube

Brian Dean, the guy behind the consultancy and YouTube channel Backlinko clearly knows what he’s doing from the get go. In his videos, he tackles individual elements of SEO, content marketing and small business running. Brian launches into each video by telling you exactly what he’s going to teach you, and then actually do it. He will weave in personal stories of his own successes and failures – making him a very relatable presenter for viewers. This example is all about storytelling. Brian grabs and keeps the attention of the viewer and offers them something they really need, with no strings attached.




We know that’s just a few examples, but hopefully it’s got your mind buzzing with ideas for exciting educational videos for your business. Remember, your own audience is looking for answers too, so look for ways to embrace the expertise you have and in your business and teach your prospects something new. If you have some great ideas but you aren’t sure how to bring them to life, that’s where we can help. For more information, just get in touch with us today.