7 Ways Small Businesses Should Be Using Videos

Video is an amazing tool for businesses, especially if you want to grow. And who doesn’t? We’ve covered the basics of that pretty well here, here, here and here. But while a lot of businesses are starting to cotton onto the idea that they need to be doing video, a lot aren’t really sure what exactly they should be doing in front of the camera. So without further ado, here are 10 ways your business can use video.


  1. Introduce Yourself


First things first – say hello! Introduce yourself and your team. And then, introduce your business. Our brains process audio and visual data much more efficiently than written data, and makes it much, much easier to explain complex concepts. Try putting a video on your website home page that explains what you do and what problems you help your customers solve. You’ll find this more effective than trying to cram all of that explanation into a single paragraph of text!


  1. Share Details About What You Do


While a single overview video on your website and social media is a great way to introduce people to what you do, you’ll often need a little more detail if you want to truly win people over. So creating a series of short videos that go into detail about your products features or how your different services work is a great way of giving your customers the information they need to decide to buy.


  1. Give Third Party Proof


Saying how great your own services are only goes so far. To really show people how amazing you are, you need to have some happy customers tell them! Testimonial videos are a great way to create trust and build confidence in a brand, and are much more effective than touting your own wares. Plus they are super east to do, and your customers will love being asked to take part!


  1. Empower Your Leaders To Educate Your Audience


One of the most effective ways to show your company as a leader in your space — and knowledgeable as heck — is for your leader to share their own knowledge and educate your audience. Think Moz’s whiteboard Fridays, which Rand Fishkin started a long time ago when the company was just starting out. You might not be a leading technology company, but your business can still benefit from this type of video.


  1. Share Your Creation Story


This one is particularly relevant for smaller businesses, though even bigger companies could benefit from it. People are always interested in how a small business came to be and what the story behind them is. That’s another thing – people love stories. There are a load of stats about why businesses should use story driven marketing, but that’s for another day. If you tell people your story, you will find customers engaging more with your content and your business.


  1. Show Your Production Process


Have we mentioned that your customers really care about who you are as a business We might have, one or two times. Showing them ‘behind the scenes’ video is another way to give them a real, candid picture of who you are and where their purchase is coming from. If you make or sell products, this is a breeze. But for services, it can feel a bit trickier. Don’t worry – it’s not! You can still showcase how your services are delivered, you just need to get a little more creative (or ask us for help).


  1. Interview Experts


This is the last type of video we want to talk about, at least for today. A great way to widen the pool of people who see your business is to interview experts. This could be other people in your field, or people in complementary fields to yours. Get them on camera and chat with them about their profession, their views and ask them to share some of their experience with your audience. Not only will your audience appreciate the info, but your video will be shared with the expert’s network as well, so it’s a double whammy.


At Swanwood Productions, we help businesses create all of these types of video, and more besides. We work closely with you to help tell your brand story on the screen, in whatever format will work for you. We’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these videos for your business, so please share your stories in the comments below! And if you’ve never tried video for your business, we’d love to help – just get in touch with us today.