How Your Videos Come To Life – The 5 Steps Of Video Production

While we were sitting out enjoying the sunshine this week, it occurred to us that in all of our blogging journey, we’ve never really explained the process behind video production. That is, all the bits that go on behind the scenes to bring your video ideas to life. And that’s not because it’s some big industry secret – it’s just because we hadn’t got around to telling you! Believe it or not, the production process is relatively simple – it’s a 5-step process that covers every element from concept to final cut. Want to know what the steps are? Just read on.



The first and most important step in any video project is planning. This covers everything from the briefing, brainstorming, concept development and storyboarding. It’s all about understanding what you want from the video, what your goals are, what you want to achieve and , perhaps most importantly, who it’s aimed at. This stage is about delving into the reasons why, developing your concept and really getting to grips with what this video is supposed to do. It’s also about establishing timelines, plans, budgets and logistics. In short – the first stage is where we put together the framework for how your video production will work and what it will achieve. This is, without a doubt, the most important stage in video production. Without this critical planning stage, your video probably won’t be as successful as you want it to be.


Now it’s time for the creativity. This is the really fun part! Here, we work on a storyboard for your video, detailing what will be in each shot and what it will look like. We start working on plotting out the visual style of your video, drafting up scripts and scouting out the best locations to shoot (our favourite part!). It’s also a good time to find any other resources you might need, like hair and makeup artists or voice actors. In short, this stage is all about set up, and laying the foundation work for your video shoot.



Where the magic happens! Everything we’ve been developing and planning comes together in the production phase, where the cameras roll and we capture the raw footage for your video. All of the energy and preparation you’ve put in until now will start to show, leading to a smooth filming process. At this stage, we will film everything on your storyboard, as well as any extra elements we can to enhance the story. There is no such thing as too much footage, and shooting the extra bits gives us a fantastic bank of shots to work with. This is probably the last point where you will be 100% engaged in every part of the process, as now we move to the editing phase.



Although it’s behind the scenes, this is where your video start to come to life. Depending on whether you’ve chosen real life, animation or a mix, all the elements of your video that we’ve worked hard on will come together. Here, we add in animation, voice-overs, graphics and music, and edit the footage. We then create a rough cut, which we will then send to you. Based on your feedback and our experience, we can then create a second edit and eventually, a final cut. Sometimes, it will take more than 3 cuts to get something perfect, and editing can take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks to produce a final, polished product.



Technically, post-production is the last stage of actual video production. But that’s not where the journey ends. You see now, you need to get your video in front of the people who need to see it! This means you need to consider how you’ll be promoting your video, what channels it will posted on and how you will encourage people to watch it. this will all impact the length and format of the video, which means you may end up with a few different versions for each of the platforms.


So there you have it! A complete rundown of the entire video production process, from start to finish. At its core, video is a collaborative process, and it’s when we work closely with the business owner that we produce the best videos. We really hope you found this blog useful, and it’s sparked some ideas for your next video. If it has, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch with us today